Alumni Profiles 2013-2015


Isaac Dilliga

Tarneit, Melbourne, VIC

Pearson College UWC, Canada

“I was born in Uganda in 1995 to Sudanese parents; Uganda during that time was affected by the essence of war which was unimaginably horrifying.

I arrived in Australia at the age of 10 in 2005, which was a massive turning point in my life. I was introduced to a new society, a new environment and a new culture. One thing that differentiates Australia and Uganda is that Australia is a multi-cultural nation consisting of many people from different backgrounds and speaking different languages. I truly believe this is one aspect which gives a sense of belonging and uniting people together as one. Coming from a refugee life I was able to quickly grasp and learn the English language and as well as adapting to the mainstream way of life in Australia. I was inspired with the Australian way of life and with this I was able to become a multi-cultural person representing Australia and Sudan.

I am a member of the Kuku community youth group and encourage young teens to be active and involved in community events such as sports days, performance and traditional dance night with the hope it will enable them to build an ongoing relationship with one another.

I’ve been playing soccer for almost all my life. It is the number one sport that I desire.

I hope to be the first person in my family to go to university. I want to study a Bachelor of Science (majoring in biomedical engineering). To be one of the many people who develop technologies that help save lives, would truly be astonishing.

The UWC experience will surely broaden my understanding of the world and enable me to inspire the younger generation of African Australians that no matter how difficult ones situation might be, hope and hard work pays off.”

YuYing Mak

Abbotsford, Sydney, NSW

UWC Adriatic College, Italy

“I found out about UWC from my career advisor at St George Girls High School while I was in Finland on exchange, and it all started from there. I would definitely say that my exchange experience has influenced my decision in applying to UWC.

UWC seems like a dream school in terms of the ideals, environment, and people who are so passionate about it. I love that UWC is not a movement that only credits academic achievement, but instead encourages achievement in balance so as to lead a happy, healthy life. Combine that with an incredible environment in which to learn, then you've got a dream come true!

Outside of school, in both Finland and Sydney, I enjoy sports on a non-competitive basis like swimming, riding, and rock climbing, and I've tried my hand at underwater rugby a couple of times. I've also been involved with UNYA, going to their State Conference and participating in the EVATT Trophy, and have knitted squares for 'Wrapped with Love', as well as being in my school's Amnesty group.

I know that the people I will meet and what I will learn about myself and others at UWC Adriatic, will be the stepping stones to finding out what I really want to do. At the moment, I'm looking at something along the lines of International Studies, languages or marine science, and hopefully abroad (again)!

I'm sure that going to a UWC will definitely be an amazing and unique opportunity, a learning experience stretching all different ways, and I can't wait to get started!”

Nara Jones

Taroona, Hobart, TAS

UWC Mahindra College, India

“I moved to Australia from the U.K three years ago and since then I have been living in beautiful Tasmania. I currently play and coach netball for my school and a local club. During the summer I enjoy helping out at the local Little Athletic centre assisting with the younger age groups in a variety of activities. After the recent bushfires in Tasmania I spent time volunteering with a local charity assisting with the relief effort. In the future I would like to study International Relations or Journalism and I’m confident that UWC can help me with this. Throughout my next two years in India I look forward to making new friends and sharing some amazing experiences with them.”