UWC Community

With 2012 marking 40 years of UWC in Australia (and 50 worldwide), UWC Australia has quite an Alumni base.

Due to the size of the country, and the travelling nature of our community, we maintain vibrant online communities which then translate to self organised 'real life' meetings and events.

UWC is a truly transformational experience that stays with our Alumni for their whole lives.

UWC Australia Online

Many alumni use Facebook as a means of keeping in touch and are encouraged join the "UWC Australia Alumni Facebook Group". Here one can discuss and reconnect with co-years and other alumni on all things UWC.

How do we meet in 'real life'? Using the website http://meetup.com/uwcworldwide, the UWC Australia community is able to suggest, plan, self-organise, publiscise and RSVP events and meet ups in their local area. Second Sunday's at Six (SSS) are orchistated in this way.

Professionally, we also have a Linkedin Group, allowing UWC Alumni to network, promote and discuss professional opportunities.

Internationally, the UWC movement uses an 'extranet' which is open to all graduates.