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  • We do not consider support merely in terms of money raised.
  • We are committed to building a strong partnership with individuals, businesses and organisations at local, national and international levels.
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You, your family or your company can help the invaluable work of the United World Colleges in educating our future leaders for a better, more understanding, and more peaceful world. It is important that we add to the numbers of scholarships currently available to Australian students. We urge you to consider the following value of scholarships for Australian students.

Full UWC Scholarship

A full scholarship covers the entire two year attendance of one UWC scholar. In supporting a scholarship, you will be responsible for giving a young Australian an outstanding educational opportunity.

Cost $A 25,000 approx. per annum

Half UWC Scholarship

Some colleges are able, through government or business grant, to provide assistance to qualified students to attend their college.

On other occasions, it may be possible to join to half scholarships put forward by Australian interests to form a full scholarship.

Cost $A 12,500 approx. per annum


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Whether you want to give a one-off donation or become a regular donor with a giving plan, can help you do this. UWC Australia has been approved and is now listed as one of the many, many causes you can donate to.

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