These scholarships and places are for a two year pre-University period of overseas study from August/September 2017 (January 2018 for Waterford Kamhlaba UWC) at one of the following colleges:


UWC SchoolCountry
UWC Atlantic College
Pearson College UWC
Waterford Kamhlaba
Li Po Chun UWC
Hong Kong
Mahindra College UWC
UWC Costa Rica
Costa Rica
UWC Maastricht
UWC Dilijan
UWC Changshu China

Please note that all these scholarships and/or places are subject to final confirmation with the relevant schools and colleges in January 2017.

The National Committee will decide which college(s) the selected student(s) will attend and will announce this after final selection interviews.


How our funding works

UWC Australia receives funding from a variety of sources, including individual UWC schools and colleges, interest from a trust fund, and much appreciated donations from UWC alumni, their families, and other generous individuals.

Unfortunately, these sources cannot cover all costs, and some scholarships will require the candidate and their family to contribute part of the cost.


How the Scholarship Contribution Form works

We use a blind pledge system to ensure that all selections are made on merit. Applicants who are invited for an interview shall return the scholarship contribution form in a separate, sealed envelope. This envelope remains sealed until after all interviews have been conducted, and after candidates have been ranked from first to last by the final selection panel. Envelopes are then opened in turn according to the candidates' rankings, and scholarships are awarded according to places and funding available. No envelope will ever be opened until final interviews and rankings are complete - your ability to contribute will in no way affect your ranking.


How much should I pledge?

When considering how much to pledge towards any outstanding fees, we suggest you base it on what it would cost to keep your child at home - food, school fees, doctors' visits, etc. If you might otherwise have budgeted costs for an overseas exchange, you could include that too. Please do not pledge a sum that would cause you financial distress.

Please note: If you can contribute in a non-financial way towards the cost of the placement (e.g. frequent flyer points to cover air fares) please not this under "other contributions".


What if I can't pledge anything?

Usually, if your child ranks first or second at the final interview, and you are not in a position to contribute anything, they are likely to be awarded a full scholarship. If they rank third or below, our ability to award them a full scholarship will depend on how much other candidates ahead have pledged.