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Location: Montezuma, New Mexico, United States of America (USA)
Student Profile: 200 students 16 to 19 years
Founded: 1982




UWC-USA was founded in 1982 by the late Dr. Armand Hammer on the site of the historic Montezuma Castle near Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Campus and facilities

The former mountain resort spa was a major attraction in the 1890s, hosting distinguished visitors such as Ulysses S. Grant and Theodore Roosevelt. The White House Millennium Council named it one of “America’s Treasures,” the first property west of the Mississippi to receive that honour. UWC-USA is accredited by ISAS, IB and the State of New Mexico. It is an NAIS member school.

Beyond the classroom

UWC-USA’s programmes emphasise community service, wilderness experience and Southwest studies through weekly service commitments and multi-day projects and expeditions. Students and faculty devote over 20,000 hours each school year to community and wilderness services. Students study intercultural communication and mediation through the Constructive Engagement of Conflict (CEC) and Global Issues programs, which build skills in facilitation, intercultural communication, peer mediation, community-based action research, power analysis, strategy and campaign development, budgeting and fundraising, and leveraging privilege for social change. Students are encouraged to analyse local and global issues and to practice their skills within the international campus community and throughout Northern New Mexico. Students also identify ways they might apply these skills in their countries of origin.

Costs and Fees

Tuition and Board

The current value of a full (100%) scholarship is US$ 40,000 for the two years. Unless otherwise stated, this amount only covers tuition and board (including meals) while studying at UWC. Additional ancillary expenses are at the expsense of the student and their family.

Medical Assistance

Medical insurance is expected to cost about US$800 per year, starting Fall 2014. Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered.

Ancillary Expenses

The following costs are NOT included in the current value of the scholarship:

  • Travel to and from the College.
  • Pocket Money.
  • Project Week contribution.
  • Graphics Calculator.
  • Winter Break: mid-December to mid-January (4 weeks).
  • Visa applications and Passport renewals.
  • Any tests for American Universities (SAT) and University application fees.
  • Medical insurance.

Educational costs (books and teaching) are included in the scholarship, although students must buy their own stationary.