UWC Mostar

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Location: Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Student Profile: 154 students from 16 to 18 years
Founded: 2006



UWC Mostar opened its doors to students from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and abroad in 2006. The college is the core part of the Foundation Education in Action.  UWC Mostar is the first UWC with an explicit aim to contribute to the reconstruction of a post-conflict society, and also the first to be housed within an existing public school.

The college is based within the Mostar Gymnasium, which teaches two national separate secondary school curricula, intended for Croat and Bosniak students as a consequence of the war in the 1990s. UWC Mostar students come from all ethnic groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as from the region and abroad. All students live, study and serve the community together making a unique example of integrated education in post war Bosnia and Herzegovina

Campus and facilities

Unlike most other UWCs, UWC Mostar does not have its own campus - students live in two big residences in different parts of the still post-war divided City of Mostar.
UWC Mostar aims to offer a convincing classroom model of integrated curriculum thus offering a model for broader educational reform in the county and the region. It educates students to learn and appreciate their differences, at the same time promoting equality, tolerance and critical thinking. The college also serves as the Centre for Professional Development of BiH Teachers who receive training in international educational standards.
The classes for UWC Mostar students take place in the superbly equipped modern science labs and classrooms including a modern IT room and language department based in an additional college building just next to Mostar Gymnasium building. The college also has a Visual Arts and Theatre Arts Studios, as well as a Music room, all based in one of the students’ residences.

Beyond the classroom

In addition to its academic programme, UWC Mostar students take part in extensive community and social service program. The community service programme aims to contribute to the integration processes in Mostar focusing on working with underprivileged social groups such as Roma children, orphans, refugees and the elderly.

Costs and Fees

Tuition and Board

The current value of a full (100%) scholarship is € 28,000 for the two years. Unless otherwise stated, this amount only covers tuition and board (including meals) while studying at UWC.Additional ancillary expenses are at the expsense of the student and their family.

Medical Assistance

Public Health institutions from Mostar provide medical care. No doctor or nurse is available in the College. Dental treatment and glasses/contact lenses are not covered except in special cases.

Ancillary Expenses

The following costs are NOT included in the current value of the scholarship:

  • Travel to and from the College.
  • Pocket Money.
  • Residential permit (€100) for international students.
  • Damage fee (non-refundable) €25 for all students.
  • Winter Break: mid-December to mid-January (4 weeks).
  • Visa applications and Passport renewals.
  • Any tests for American Universities (SAT) and University application fees.

Educational costs (books and teaching) are included in the scholarship, although students must buy their own stationary.