Red Cross Nordic UWC

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Location: Flekke, Norway Studen
Profile: 200 students from 16 to 19 years
Founded: 1995


Red Cross Nordic UWC was opened in 1995 on the beautiful shores of Flekke Fjord in the mountainous West of Norway. The college is situated alongside the Red Cross Haugland Rehabilitation Centre and works closely with this centre.

Campus and facilities

The campus boasts a spectacular dining area overlooking the fjord, well-equipped science laboratories, a music room, art and ceramics studios, computer facilities, a media centre which we are seeking to expand and a waterfront recreation centre. Also available are the aquatic centre and pool, fully-equipped fitness training facility and small gymnasium at the Red Cross Rehabilitation Centre. All non-Scandinavian speakers follow a Norwegian language course and an innovative Nordic Studies program. This is designed to develop a better appreciation of the host region and to ease integration with the local community.

Beyond the classroom

The traditions of both the Nordic countries and of the Red Cross are reflected in the emphasis placed on humanitarian and environmental concerns. Cooperation with the Red Cross, for example, opens a variety of avenues for service opportunities in such areas as First Aid and Lifesaving and in the fields of youth training and humanitarian action. The service and activity programme at the college gives students opportunities to respond to needs, to gain leadership training, communication skills and conflict management techniques through working with a great variety of people. Almost all students work with the Leirskule, which is a residential camp school for Norwegian children held on campus every week in the spring, summer and ealy autumn. The school is directed and administered by professional staff but students act as leaders and instructors in almost every activity. Participative student democracy plays a significant role in the daily operation of the college and is implemented through the Staff meeting and the Student Council. Staff and students elect members to represent them on the Governing Body and the Council of the college.

Costs and Fees

Tuition and Board

The current value of a full (100%) scholarship is NOK 441,000 for the two years. Unless otherwise stated, this amount only covers tuition and board (including meals) while studying at UWC. Additional ancillary expenses are at the expsense of the student and their family.

Medical Assistance

After having received their Residence Permit and their Personal Number, students are included in the Norwegian Health care system.These procedures could take up to two months. Until that time there must be insurance provided for by the family.

Ancillary Expenses

The following costs are NOT included in the current value of the scholarship:

  • Travel to and from the College.
  • Pocket Money.
  • Project Week contribution.
  • Graphic Calculator.
  • Winter Break: mid-December to mid-January (4 weeks).
  • Visa applications and Passport renewals.
  • Any tests for American Universities (SAT) and University application fees.
  • Medical insurance.

Educational costs (books and teaching) are included in the scholarship, although students must buy their own stationary.