Li Po Chun UWC

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Location: Sha Tin, New Territories, Hong Kong SAR
Student Profile: 250 students from 16 to 19 years
Established: 1992


Li Po Chun UWC is situated in Hong Kong, a city in China that lies at the cross-roads of Asia in the heart of one of the world’s most dynamic regions. In daily life, the college emphasises the strong Chinese traditions of proper conduct, practical wisdom, appropriate social relationships and respect for academic learning.
The college was established in 1992, and since that time it has grown in size to 256 students from about 80 countries. Strong links have been developed between the college and various parts of China, especially for service activities.

Campus and facilities

The purpose-built residential campus is situated in Hong Kong’s New Territories, with the waters of Tolo Harbour on one side and the steep, tree-covered slopes of Ma On Shan (Horse saddle Mountain) on the other. Facilities include indoor and outdoor sports areas, a pool, fast internet access, full academic and residential facilities and a well-equipped canteen.

Beyond the classroom

Community service is an important part of the Li Po Chun UWC experience, and all students are engaged in service activities. All first year students travel to Mainland China for a week to perform service work, and other projects enable students to engage in activities beyond the classroom in various parts of east and South-east Asia.

Costs and Fees

Tuition and Board

The current value of a full (100%) scholarship is HK$ 550,000 for the two years. Unless otherwise stated, this amount only covers tuition and board (including meals) while studying at UWC.Additional ancillary expenses are at the expsense of the student and their family.

Medical Assistance

The cost of medical services including hospitalisation (general ward only) provided by the nearest Government clinic or hospital as appropriate will be covered by the College exept for any pre-existing medical condition. However, if private medical care is required, this is the responsibility of the student's family.

Students may join the private medical insurance scheme, which is optional, but the cost of this is not included in the basic fee. Students who opt for the private medical insurance scheme need to bring the premium payment (approx. HK$3,000 to HK$9,000 per annum depending on choices of coverage) to the College General Office upon arrival for registration. Pre-existing medical conditions will not be covered by this optional medical insurance policy.

Ancillary Expenses

The following costs are NOT included in the current value of the scholarship:

  • Travel to and from the College.
  • Pocket Money.
  • Project Week contribution.
  • Graphic Calculator.
  • Winter Break: mid-December to mid-January (4 weeks).
  • Visa applications and Passport renewals.
  • Any tests for American Universities (SAT) and University application fees.

Educational costs (books and teaching) are included in the scholarship, although students must buy their own stationary.