UWC International

With UWC schools and colleges in 13 countries and national committees and selection contacts in over 130, the international scope of the UWC movement is truly global. The UWC movement also consists of almost 40,000 alumni and other members in virtually every country in the world.

The International Office is the secretariat for the UWC movement and is based in London, UK.

The International Board of Directors has executive responsibility for the governance of the organisation. Its members are the Directors and Trustees of UWC International. The Board is elected by the UWC Council. The responsibilities of the UWC International Board of Directors include:

  • Defining the ethos and strategic development of the UWC movement.
  • Overseeing UWC's Colleges and National Committees.
  • Coordination of UWC’s global profile and communications.
  • Approving the functions and operations of the UWC International Office

The UWC Council has up to 60 members and meets once a year. The UWC Council elects the International Board and discusses issues of strategic, developmental and philosophical significance.Council members include college heads and chairs, national committee members, UWC alumni and others.

Honorary President

"UWC is greatly saddened by the loss of our Honorary President Nelson Mandela, whose life was an inspiration for our movement and its values of peace and sustainability. We are proud that Mr Mandela’s children and grandchildren were educated at UWC Waterford Kamhlaba, showing his belief in and commitment to the work we do. Part of his legacy will be the example he set of striving to spread peace and justice in the world, his ability to forgive and inspire others to do the same and his understanding of the role education plays in bringing positive change."

Keith Clark, Executive Director of UWC International